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Escape The Day

Don’t you ever wish that you could slip away from the boredom of routine into the world of magic and dreams? This one is for all the daydreamers out there… you are not alone 🙂

School, homework, eat and sleep,
Everyday, this routine I repeat
Alas! Tis the tragedy of real lives
Monotonous as exam archives!

But I escape into the world of daydreams,
Full of excitement, magic and starbeams
And look forward to falling asleep at night,
Entering the world of heroes and light!

I’m Harry Potter, the chosen one,
So many death eaters to capture and stun!
I slip into the Inkworld, with Meggie and Mo,
Or grab the umbrella of Morrigan Crow!

Jump into action, with Percy and Annabeth,
Destroying monsters with every breath!
Pick up a nexus, outsmart the Neverseen,
In this world, I’m a true heroine!

Sadly I must wake up in the morn,
Say goodbye to Sparkle my unicorn,
Leave behind the deadly fearsome creatures,
When shouted awake by the teachers

But I know, this world is waiting just for me,
I’ll be back right after detention with Mr. Lee
Got people to save, a pegasus to fly
I’ll disapparate in the blink of an eye

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  1. Asha Saxena

    Amazingly creative thoughts. Keep it up….Kudos to my little princess.

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