A free-verse about the times when you have something important to say but words get in the way.

Silent Whispers

We talk about most everything,
except what really matters.
From blind ignorance of skillful avoidance –
I suspect it is the latter…

Winter chill of your indifference
seeping into my bones; my eyes
brim with overcast thunderstorms –
“All right?” you ask – you know when I’m sad.
The sun sparkles with your eyes
Icy tears – evaporate – suddenly –

It is spring.
A silent smile carries a symphony
birds announcing the break of dawn
flowers blossoming at every step, petals
dancing through the warm air,
face dappled by sunlight,
sky’s never been so bright,
everything wrong seems right.

Sunny summer sand
trickling through the hourglass fast – 
too fast – 
a crescendo of perfect moments, flying
through the verses, burning our chorus;
we have crossed the bridge.
Noontime sun descending moonlit staircases
into elongating shadows, autumn approaching – 
leaves wither – everything comes cascading down
our conversation comes to a halt.
The lilting lull is beautiful.

We talk about most everything,
except what really matters.
Phrases trickling to a stop
Rocks on the riverbed clatter

Then the frost comes creeping in – 
a dreary silence I cannot fill,
you stand, I watch, from the sill
footsteps fading into the falling flakes
that erase your every trace

Your name on my every breath
Misting in the frigid air
A perfect picture – a dream – a hope –
disappears, then reforms
winter – summer – winter – summer – winter – 
Till my heart is left in splinters

Then comes the warmth that thaws the snow
I see you underneath a naïve tree
studded with buds.

We watch the petals open and fall,
Cautious words clearing reckless lips,
Fluttering in the breeze, a pleasant drizzle
We don’t want the conversation to fizzle, so;

We talk about most everything,
except what really matters.
Fleeting words in the sizzling rain,
my heart goes pitter – patter –