A curious teenager’s ponderings on the mysteries of existence and evolution. Inspired by the poem ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake.



Life oh Life, like a spark,

An oasis in the dark

What mighty atomic entity

Could frame thy varied identity?


In what cosmos or infinity,

Spread thy primeval divinity?

In what shrouded archaic well,

Did appear from naught thy first cell?


What the pulse? What the beat?

What the throb ignite the heat?

What the caution? And whose care,

Made thy tad and smidgen flare?


What the angel? What the ghoul?

First crawled out of the making bowl?

What the matter? Who did acquire?

To fuel the reaches of thy fire?


Why the love? And why the pain?

Are thou a boon, or a bane?

But thou are here, left and right,

Is Earth your only building site?


And what the purpose? What the aim?

Thy mere existence, who can claim?

When and How? How and Why?

And will thou bid dear Earth good-bye?


Life Oh Life, like a spark,

An oasis in the dark,

Spark and flame, flare and die,

Life Oh Life, how and why?